Top 7 Best Potty Training Tips from Moms

Hello parents, how are your child’s potty training? Do not despair if the results are still not good, the process is still ongoing. But if you start to feel confused and need guidance, this top 7 best potty training tips can help you (read: when to start potty training your children):

1. Encourage with praise.

Do not punish the child if he is unable to do potty training properly because it can make him getting scared. If the child successfully doing potty training properly, give him praise. Praise will encourage children. Although he cannot do well, keep encouraging your child.

2. Motivation with music.

“We made our own potty song to sing when my child I sat on the potty. She was very happy. When completed, we will sing another song about her success in potty training. I managed to motivate her with music in potty training.” ~Christie

In addition to creating a pleasant atmosphere, the music also motivating. Sing a potty song when potty training. Do not have a potty training song? Create it yourself, use jingles that are already exist and change the lyrics. Easy, isn’t it?

3. Reading books during potty training, why not?

“I and Clara went to the bookstore, and she chose three books which she liked very much. We named it potty books. When Clara was sitting on the potty, I allowed Clara to read the books.” ~Amy

Potty time





















The tips above are worth a try. Pick some books he likes (let your child choose). Then say, the book can be read when potty training. Allow children to read their favorite books while sitting on the potty will create associations between potty training and fun activities.

4. Let children choose some pants with his / her favorite character

“I took my son to the store and he chose some pants with his favorite cartoon figures. I allowed, and then said that he should not be wetting his pants. It worked!” ~Maria

You can try the tips above. By taking children to choose their own pants and told him not to wet it, the child will feel responsible.

5. Stop using disposable training pants or nappies

Using disposable pants only prolong the potty training. Although practical, but using disposable pants must be stopped when the children start potty training.








6. Using colorful water for flushing? Nice idea!

“We colored the toilet water with yellow, red, and green. When we were flushing and saw these colors appear, Cindy became excited and I knew, we loved it.” ~Sharon

Children are happy with the color, and using colorful waters in potty training will make the children enjoy it. Use food coloring to color the toilet water so it would not harm the environment.

7. Minimize stress

I always say, “Oh dear, it’s ok, never mind,” if he did wrong. Cleans-up can be quick and easy, so no need to be stressed out. He then began to feel uncomfortable when his pant was wet and bingo! ” ~Tammy

Yes, parents do not stress. Relax!

Good luck for the potty training,  happy parenting!